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Business Name: WellnessTherapist.Net

Job Title: Consultant

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Phone: (716) 480-5987

Email: [email protected]


About Bonnie M. Roll

I’m a Health and Wellness Consultant with a background in Nursing and Counseling. I help people attain their optimal health goals through lifestyle changes including stress reduction, weight management and customized nutraceutical regimens. I’m originally from Akron, Ohio, but have lived in the Buffalo area since 1980. I’m a single parent (widow) with two grown daughters. I began my Health and Wellness Consultant career about ten years ago, when I was invited to teach the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) Weight Loss Solution course. With my background in Nursing and Counseling, it was a perfect fit. I also work with Health Professionals in implementing wellness programs in these areas to assist their patients to attain their ideal health goals.

Company Deliverables

As a TLS Coach, I provide a comprehensive weight management program that can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle. I work with you to help you be successful. In addition, I carry a line of unique, scientifically-based vitamins and other supplements that can also be customized.

Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is anyone who wants to look better, feel better, have more energy and just be healthier to enjoy life more and maybe live longer.

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